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Mike Anderson started entertaining in when he was in 7th grade. Mike said, “During my first Jr. High dance I attended the DJ was a no show and they were stuck. I called my mom and had her bring down my CD collection and I used the schools equipment as I was now the DJ for the dance. The dance went so well that I got the school to sign a contract the next day for all the dances that year.”

In 1996 Mike started taking on weddings more than school dances. “What I loved about weddings was that they were all different depending on what the clients wanted.” Even at such a young age Mike saw the importance of getting to know his couples and making their experience unique.  Mike now teaches the rest of the DJ industry the importance of creating a unique celebration and the new trendy ways to do it.

Mike was the first public member to be accepted into the Wed Guild®.  When the Wed Guild was introduced by Peter Merry a few years back, Mike told Peter that day that he wanted to be the first member.

In January 26th, 2008 I married my Jr. High sweetheart April Campbell. Recently, on February 14th, 2014 Mike and April welcomed Maverick Anderson into the world. “It’s just one of those experiences that you can’t find words for.  To instantly have love for someone is an amazing experience and to go from a couple to a family overnight, is the best thing I can imagine happening to me.”Mike Anderson

Over the years Mike continues his training by attending national conferences, attending monthly local ADJA meetings, Improve classes and countless seminars and workshops

Over the years Mike has always come up with ways to use technology to his advantage to create amazing moments for his clients at their events.  Because of his passion for technology Mike now has the opportunity to speak at national conferences. He has recently teamed up with fellow WED Guild® member Randy Bartlett and together they produced Vol. 5 of “The 1% Solution” series titles “How’d They Do That?” Sharing his knowledge with the rest of the industry he can now show how he creates amazing moments for his clients such as Dancing on the Clouds, Digital Motion Monograms, Up lighting, and creating those amazing moments at events that the guests will talk about for years to come.

If you want a cutting-edge entertainer that can bring amazing performance and breath taking atmosphere contact Mike Anderson with Creative Memories Entertainment.

The WED Guild® is proud to announce its newest member Aldo Ryan with Aldo Ryan Entertainment from Brooklyn, New York. Aldo was inducted as a Wedding Entertainment Director® in January of 2014. He is married to his beautiful wife Nataliya and has a 4 year old daughter Alexandra. Aldo enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as many recreational activities such as winter sports, water sports, and nature. His energetic personality and amazing talent makes him one of the best entertainers in his market.

Aldo Ryan Wedding Entertainment Director® Aldo Ryan Entertainment Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. (800) 321-7278

Aldo’s hard work and dedication for his clients awarded him the honor of Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Awards for 2014. He understands the importance of his role as a Wedding Entertainment Director® and has furthered his education through trainings and workshops such as; Marbecca Silver MC, Marbecca Bronze Love Story, The Professional Process, Make it Grand!, and has attended multiple Wedding MBA conferences. Through the ongoing education Aldo has learned that “LOVE” is one of the most important qualities when he is looking for his perfect couple.

If the couple truly loves each other, this is an event and a future worth working for.  The subtle touches, smirks and genuine smiles, the camaraderie, compliance and willingness to compromise are all great signs of a couple’s love before I commit.


To Aldo a Wedding Reception is an entertainment-driven function celebrating the marriage of two people who love each other unconditionally.  It’s something that should be built, from the ground up, and include unique moments representative of who the couple is. His favorite part of a wedding is the couple’s First Dance!  It’s just the way a couple gets lost in each other’s eyes where nothing and no one else matters. Aldo loves engaging with guest and loves watching them connect, release reservation, let loose and celebrate life with their loved ones.  AKA – DANCE!

Aldo Ryan Entertainmen Jason & Siobhan's Wedding 4

Aldo’s number one goal for your wedding celebration is hands down to enforce the agenda and everything you dream your wedding to be.  By instituting all of those big and small moments which make up and separate your wedding from everyone else, he can truly help expose your special love with the respect it deserves.




Aldo Ryan
Wedding Entertainment Director®
Aldo Ryan Entertainment
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
(800) 321-7278

Mobile Beat always seems to be the kick off for the DJ industry each year. Education, Seminars, Gear and most importantly networking with hundreds of entertainers and some of the greatest minds in the industry. Not only do conventions bring in great speakers and presenters, but the newest information about our industry allows us to learn about the technology to improve what we do as entertainers when it comes to performance, production, and planning with our clients. Mobile Beat launches some of the new and exciting gear that hits the market and allows you to see it and use it so you can make sure it is the right fit for your company.

Jim Cerone the Perfect Host

The biggest reason you should attend conferences and workshops is the networking. By networking with others across the nation it allows you to create great business relationships and strong friendships. As Wedding Entertainment Directors® we want to meet people and learn from them. With this never ending changing industry we all learn from each other. Don’t be afraid to approach a person you don’t know or would like to get to know. As WED Guild® members we want to build a stronger community of great relationships and great entertainers. If you have thought about a WED Guild® Application, make sure to reach out to the WED Guild® Members who will be attending and presenting at Mobile 2014. Some of the WED members who will be presenting this year at Mobile Beat are Randy Bartlett, Jeremy Brech, Jim Cerone, Mark “Peace” Thomas. Other WED Guild® members who will be present at the conference are Peter Merry, Liz Daley, Mitch Taylor, Bill Hermann, Dave Ternier. Approach these WED Guild® members and ask questions or just get to know them. Networking with a Wedding Entertainment Director® can be very beneficial and may help make your application process an easier and faster goal to obtain.


We look forward to seeing you at Mobile Beat 2014!