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“A Talented Spokesperson will utilize their proven skills at public speaking, along with any additional entertainment training and/or experience they may have, to communicate with your guests in a manner that captures their attention, keeps them properly informed, and encourages them to have an enjoyable time.

Wedding Entertainment Directors® have not only invested a lot of time into improving their abilities as public speakers, but they have also expanded their capabilities as entertainers. Many have a taken a class and/or a workshop on acting, singing, dancing, or even stand-up comedy. Some have even worked in television and/or radio. They have learned from experience that the confidence to speak well in front of a live audience comes from ongoing practice, rehearsal, and training.

wedding reception bride holding her bouquet up high and groom smiling as they make their grand entrance and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

Wedding Entertainment Directors® also recognize that beyond just making announcements, everything they say verbally and non-verbally will reflect directly on you.

wedding reception bride and groom's first dance with wedding party in the backdrop and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

This fact alone compels them to get to know you on a personal level. Don’t be surprised if they want to get to know everything they can about your families, the history of your relationship, your likes and dislikes in both music and humor, what you do for a living, etc. By knowing you well, a Wedding Entertainment Director® will feel confident to not only speak well, but they will also innately know the right thing to say in the right moment.”

-excerpt reprinted with permission from
“The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”
(2007 self-published edition)

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