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Is the WED Guild® a DJ Association?

No. The WED Guild® is not a DJ Association. There are plenty of those already available, the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) being the best one we can recommend. The WED Guild® is made up of the best Wedding Entertainers in the world, be they Wedding DJs/MCs, Wedding Band MCs, or just Wedding MCs.

Can a multi-system/multi-talent DJ company join the WED Guild®?

Only individuals may join the WED Guild®. An individual who owns a multi-system/multi-talent DJ company is more than welcome to join. Employees of such a company may also join at a slightly discounted rate. Only the individuals who achieve membership will be able to market themselves as truly legitimate WED Guild® members.

Will Part-Time Wedding Entertainers be allowed to join the WED Guild®?

Yes. But only if they can meet or exceed the WED Guild® standards required by our application process.

What are the benefits of joining the WED Guild®?

Increased Public Relations Exposure via “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” Book.

Qualified Leads looking to hire our Members via “”The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” Web Site and Book.

Training Opportunities provided for our Members by our Members including Performance Workshops, Sales & Marketing Seminars, Etc.

Networking among Members via our own private Forums where powerful ideas can be shared confidentially and respectfully.

Referrals among Members both Locally, Nationally, and Internationally.

Increased Credibility with other Wedding Professional via “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” Book & related Seminars.

Support for creating and promoting your own local seminars for Brides and Grooms.

Is earning a spot in the WED Guild® the end of my journey?

WED Guild® members are committed to ongoing education. Once your application has been processed and approved, your journey towards increased professionalism and increased demand for your services has just begun.

One of the best resources we can recommend for achieving your ongoing education is the MarBecca Method™ Workshops. The vast majority of our members have attended at least one of these workshops and we can heartily recommend them for any wedding entertainer that is looking for expand their performance skills. To see a list of the Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, and Educational Products our members provide and/or recommend, please visit our page on Educational Opportunities.

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