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Some prospective applicants have found the WED Guild® application process to be rather challenging, and others have expressed being unsure about where they should even begin. We knew when we first developed the high bar of achievement that is required to earn the title of Wedding Entertainment Director® that it might be a little overwhelming. But our overall goal in creating the WED Guild® was to give wedding entertainers a pathway towards delivering a measurably higher caliber of personalized services and performances for their wedding clients. We want as a many people as can qualify to become members of the WED Guild® and in an effort to streamline our rigorous application process, we have launched a private group on Facebook for our new Mentor Program.

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If you would like some qualified assistance with your application, we will gladly pair you up with a current member who will be ready and willing to help you put your best foot forward.

Register with the WED Guild® Mentor Program Facebook group today and then post your contact info along with your desire to be paired up with a mentor and we will match you up with a current member who can mentor you through your entire application process. We are committed to helping you achieve your goal of becoming recognized as a truly professional entertainer who is worthy of the using the prestigious title of Wedding Entertainment Director®.

“Having a mentor assisting me really streamlined my application process!” -Jeremy Brech, WED®

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