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  • [5.1] Video of Music Mixing Skills for Dancing.
    (Minimum of 10 minute video footage of the applicant may include but is not limited to:)
    Uncut footage featuring dancing at a reception with the applicant mixing the music.

  • [5.2] 3 Samples of Audio Music and/or Voice Recording Editing Skills.
    (Audio Samples provided by the applicant may include but are not limited to:)
    A song that was edited to make it shorter, a song that was turned into a “clean edit”, a custom mix of songs,
    excerpts from the ceremony vows or the formal toasts, a song featuring the previous vocal excerpts mixed in, etc.
    Be sure to also include a written description of the audio edits you are submitting.

  • [5.3] 500 Word Essay on your Dance Theory for creating dancing among Varied Tastes and Age Groups.
    (Your Essay may include but is not limited to:)
    Your thoughts on kicking off the dancing, your ideas for recovering from a dance floor that just cleared,
    your methods for reading the crowd, your philosophy on building sets based on genres or building energy, etc.