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“Comprehensive Personalization includes helping you plan your ceremony and/or reception agenda, with a timeline of events, a list of participants who will be involved or may need to be introduced, and your musical preferences for: background music, songs for each special moment, and requests to be played during open dancing.

Wedding Entertainment Directors® specialize in helping you to create your ceremony and/or reception agenda from the entertainment perspective. During your initial consultation and planning process, they will listen to your ideas while offering their experienced advice to ensure that your schedule of events will not only be uniquely yours, but will also be thoroughly entertaining for your family and friends as well.

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They will help you select the traditional events that fit your style and then organize them into a script that will keep your celebration moving along at a pace of your choosing. They will help you create the lineup order for your wedding party’s grand entrance while making sure they can confidently pronounce any difficult names. They will offer you a large variety of musical choices as they seek your input on the 3 categories of musical selections:

wedding reception bride and groom's first dance with wedding party in the backdrop and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

Background, Special Moments, and Dancing Requests. They will provide you with a list of suggestions for background music, while remaining open to any of your own unique ideas. They will provide you with a list of suggestions for your ceremony processional and recessional music, while encouraging you to add any of your own personal choices. They will provide you with a list of suggestions for sound-tracking the various special moments during your reception (i.e. cake cutting, grand entrance, etc.), while inviting you to weigh in with your own creative selections. They will provide you with a list of suggestions for your dancing requests from a wide variety of genres and eras, while offering you the opportunity to add any of your favorite tunes to their list. They will give you the freedom to create a ‘do not play’ list, so you won’t be bothered by songs you severely dislike on your wedding day. When your reception comes to an end, the agenda, the flow, and the musical selections will all have been completely personalized to fit your unique style, taste, and personality.”

-excerpt reprinted with permission from
“The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”
(2007 self-published edition)

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