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“Event Direction is the art and science of keeping your agenda on track while keeping your guests entertained. The science part includes double checking the important details behind the scenes (i.e. Making sure the cake knife is at the cake table.) and communicating with your reception team members (i.e the caterer, the photographer, the videographer, etc.) to make sure everything and everyone is ready before moving onto the next activity on your agenda. The art part includes ‘reading your crowd’ to make sure they are not getting bored or restless while making sure they never see the science part taking place (i.e. Announcing for someone to go find the cake knife over the PA system.).

Wedding Entertainment Directors® consistently go out of their way to communicate in advance with your ceremony and/or reception team members, including: your ceremony officiate, your wedding coordinator, your caterer, your photographer, and your videographer. They have learned from experience that your team of vendors will work together better and your reception will flow more smoothly when everyone is working off of the same script. If your photographer wants to take a group photo with all of the guests, a Wedding Entertainment Director® will work with you and your photographer to place the group photo into your agenda where it will do the most good and the least harm.

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Wedding Entertainment Directors® always use a preventative direction checklist to manage the details behind the scenes at your ceremony and/or reception that could turn into possible problems later on. Like a director for a movie or a play, they have come to recognize that each important person and/or prop needs to be in place and ready at the right time for your reception’s events to move as smoothly as the action on the screen during an entertaining movie.

If the photographer is out of the room, a Wedding Entertainment Director® will make sure they are aware of the next special event that is about to occur, so they will have plenty of time to return and get ready for their next important photograph. If champagne for the toast has not yet been poured, a Wedding Entertainment Director® will alert the catering staff and then wait until everyone has been served before beginning the formal toasts. A Wedding Entertainment Director® will always be more than happy to show you the reception direction checklist they use to keep your celebration moving along smoothly.

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Wedding Entertainment Directors® will always insist on becoming familiar with the setting provided by your chosen location for your ceremony and/or reception. They know how important room layout can be for the overall success of an entertaining reception. If 70% of the guests are seated around the corner from the head table, then the toasts will need to take place in a spot that is easily visible to all of your guests. Extra amplification may also be needed to make sure those toasts can be heard around that corner.

Some of these services may already be provided by your wedding coordinator, so there may be some overlap with the details that are managed by a Wedding Entertainment Director®. It should be stated, however, that a Wedding Entertainment Director® will still insist on double-checking the details that can directly impact the pacing and flow of your reception.”

-excerpt reprinted with permission from
“The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”
(2007 self-published edition)

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