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If your clients have said that you made theirs “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”, then you may be a candidate for the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild®. Our application process is challenging, but thanks to our new mentor program, we can now assist you with your application every step of the way.

Are you a DJ looking for that one thing that is going to separate you from the rest of your market? A Wedding Entertainment Director® is a an elite group of professionals who have proven themselves through our vigorous application process. Not only will this separate you from the rest of your market, but it builds credibility in your services for your clients. The ongoing networking with WEDs across the world will inspire you and help you become an even more creative entertainer and a celebrity in your own local market. Wedding Entertainment Directors® throughout the world are sought out even beyond their markets to entertain for some of the best clients.

Some of the most powerful and inspirational speakers found at national Wedding and DJ conventions have proven themselves as Wedding Entertainment Directors®. You can learn from some of the best in the business at conferences, but the close discussions within the private WED Guild® Community is where you can really expand your education. Many Wedding Entertainment Directors® also provide workshops & educational materials that can improve your business, performance, and help with your application.

Becoming a Wedding Entertainment Director® might not seem simple, but the truth is, you might already have the talents, skills, and paperwork that is required to complete our application.

Peter Merry & Elisabeth Scott Daley presenting Randy Bartlett with his WED Guild® Membership Certificate

There are 7 important tiers of professionalism that you have to verify to be recognized as a Wedding Entertainment Director®. To successfully achieve the application process, it is important to find a current WED Guild member as your mentor. Your mentor is there to guide you and answer questions as you are putting together your application. When your application is ready for submission, your mentor will make sure your application is complete and ready for your application committee’s review.

You can do this! Join our WED Guild® Mentor Program group on Facebook today and introduce yourself. Ask for a mentor and we will help you get your journey underway!

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