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“Music Programming is the art and science of playing just the right songs in just the right sequence to create a mood, a feeling, a memory, or even a dance floor filled with guests dancing at your reception. The science part includes the following: a wide knowledge of various music genres, confidently knowing the proper use of audio mixing equipment, understanding how the beats per minute in a given song can build or decrease energy, and staying informed about the best songs from every era for creating dancing. The art part includes the following: being able to ‘read the crowd’ and adjust the music accordingly, knowing when to lead the crowd into a different genre or a slow song, having the ability to create a mix of background music that gradually builds energy, and the creativity to build sets of music in a given genre. Suffice it to say, there is no way that an iPod could ever duplicate the art and science that is required to create good music programming. But it should also be pointed out that regardless of how easy or fun it looks, when you see someone doing a great job of music programming, it truly requires some uniquely honed skills and specialized talents to create the right mix of music for the right crowd.

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Wedding Entertainment Directors® are highly skilled at mixing music, whether it’s your background selections, the songs you’ve selected for your special moments, or formatting your dancing requests. The music lists they’ll share with you will undoubtedly be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full contents of their total music collections. They have been practicing the art and science of music programming for years to achieve the skill levels they currently posses.

But many of them will also tell you that they are still learning and improving their skills, just as it has always been with great actors, singers and the like.

wedding reception bride, groom, and guests slow dancing and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

Wedding Entertainment Directors® have also developed skills, as needed, in the field of audio editing. They have found that sometimes a Father/Daughter Dance song that has been edited to last less than 3 minutes may be preferred by a bride when compared to the original version of the song that lasts over 5 minutes. Or perhaps the bride wants her Father/Daughter Dance song to incorporate a special, pre-recorded dedication to her dad. Being skilled at audio editing allows Wedding Entertainment Directors® to be able to help their brides and grooms create special moments like these that will be even more meaningful.

Finally, all Wedding Entertainment Directors® have taken the time to develop their own ideas and methods related to ‘Dance Theory.’ There are likely to be a wide variety of working “Dance Theory” models, as there are many different methods and options available for creating good dancing at a wedding reception. A Wedding Entertainment Director® will be able to confidently share with you the philosophy, methods, and ideas that have shaped their personal ‘Dance Theory’ for creating lots of fun-filled dancing at their receptions.”

-excerpt reprinted with permission from
“The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”
(2007 self-published edition)

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