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Please do not submit this application for approval until all of the necessary documentation has been assembled. An incomplete application packet will be returned. Expect 6-8 weeks for your application packet to be processed from the time it is received. The various requirements detailed in the application above are simply the minimum level needed to complete your own application. It would be highly advisable to consider submitting more than the minimums required in an effort to give your Membership Committee a more complete and well-rounded view of your overall experience, qualifications, skills, and talents. A Membership Committee comprised of 4 WED Guild® members will examine and consider your completed packet. If any part of your packet is found to be lacking in any way, the Membership Committee that is reviewing your application will respond with a letter detailing any deficient submissions with several prescribed options for raising those submissions to a level that will result in the eventual acceptance of your application for membership. If any part of your packet is found to be purposefully fraudulent, your application will be flatly rejected. Once your application has been processed and approved by a 3/4 majority vote, the final step in your application process will be a 30 minute phone interview with your 4 person Membership Committee. Following your interview, a final vote will be taken. A 3/4 majority vote will officially approve your membership. All submissions included in your application will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be used in seminars, books, DVDs, or other materials by other WED Guild® members without first receiving express written consent from the applicant. Current WED Guild® members who are local competitors with an applicant or are currently mentoring the applicant will be barred from serving on that applicant’s Membership Committee. If any WED Guild® member brings harm to the reputation of the WED Guild®, whether their actions were purposeful or not, the WED Guild® Advisory Board may exercise the right to vote for the removal of such a member without cause. Disputes between WED Guild® members shall be resolved privately.

(We prefer using a shared folder via to receive your completed application.)