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“Creative Involvement includes providing you with ideas that are designed to make your guests feel more involved throughout your celebration and may also include the development of ideas that have been custom crafted for your unique situation.

Wedding Entertainment Directors® have a wide variety of suggestions for creating appropriate guest involvement in a reception environment. These ideas may include, but are not limited to: centerpiece giveaways, sing-along activities, buffet release ideas, creative methods for personalizing your wedding party’s grand entrance, etc.

wedding reception bride and bridesmaids with their bouquets held high and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

Wedding Entertainment Directors® are also known for helping couples create memorable moments with their guests that are completely unique to a given situation.

wedding reception bride laughing with her bridesmaids and Wedding Entertainment Director® logo

No one wants to feel left out at a wedding reception. When your guests are allowed, or better yet invited, to become active participants throughout your reception celebration, they will relax, they will make new friends, they will have more fun, they will be more inclined to dance when the time comes, and they will stay longer. A Wedding Entertainment Director® will be able to advise you about selecting the right amount of involvement for your group so that everyone has an enjoyable time without feeling over-involved as well.”

-excerpt reprinted with permission from
“The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”
(2007 self-published edition)

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