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Wedding Entertainment Directors® show a extreme level of performance and professionalism in the Wedding DJ industry. The WED Guild® has been the highest and only way to judge a wedding performer on their skills as a Master of Ceremonies, Entertainer, and Professional. It takes passion and dedication to provide the results proven by a Wedding Entertainment Director®. The WED Guild® is excited to add Jason Jani from West Long Branch, New Jersey into the class of 27 proven professionals. He is the owner/operator/creative mind behind SCE Event Group in New Jersey, one of the most respected companies in his market and across the US.Jason_Jani_SCE_Event_Group_West_Long_Branch_New_Jersey_USA

Jason Jani is known across the country for his talent in creating some of the biggest and best parties for his couples. His music landscape creates some of the most amazing parties that guests won’t forget. His club style mixing will keep your guests dancing all night long. Jason has performed across the country for weddings, celebrities, and people who are truly looking for a unique celebration!

He brings a fresh new approach to all WEDs® and a spark across the industry. Jason Jani will be the premier DJ spinning at one of the biggest DJ conferences, Mobile Beat 2015. He will also be opening for Jazzy Jeff during the Mobile Beat conference. Jason’s energy and style provides a ground breaking style for entertainment. His level of production brings excitement to you and your wedding. To get to know Jason Jani even more contact him today to see what the potential of your celebration can become!


Jason Jani has proven why he has been titled Wedding Entertainment Director® through his results. ~ Jeremy Brech

You can download Jason Jani’s press kit here

Mobile Beat always seems to be the kick off for the DJ industry each year. Education, Seminars, Gear and most importantly networking with hundreds of entertainers and some of the greatest minds in the industry. Not only do conventions bring in great speakers and presenters, but the newest information about our industry allows us to learn about the technology to improve what we do as entertainers when it comes to performance, production, and planning with our clients. Mobile Beat launches some of the new and exciting gear that hits the market and allows you to see it and use it so you can make sure it is the right fit for your company.

Jim Cerone the Perfect Host

The biggest reason you should attend conferences and workshops is the networking. By networking with others across the nation it allows you to create great business relationships and strong friendships. As Wedding Entertainment Directors® we want to meet people and learn from them. With this never ending changing industry we all learn from each other. Don’t be afraid to approach a person you don’t know or would like to get to know. As WED Guild® members we want to build a stronger community of great relationships and great entertainers. If you have thought about a WED Guild® Application, make sure to reach out to the WED Guild® Members who will be attending and presenting at Mobile 2014. Some of the WED members who will be presenting this year at Mobile Beat are Randy Bartlett, Jeremy Brech, Jim Cerone, Mark “Peace” Thomas. Other WED Guild® members who will be present at the conference are Peter Merry, Liz Daley, Mitch Taylor, Bill Hermann, Dave Ternier. Approach these WED Guild® members and ask questions or just get to know them. Networking with a Wedding Entertainment Director® can be very beneficial and may help make your application process an easier and faster goal to obtain.


We look forward to seeing you at Mobile Beat 2014!